Mario Wolf | Professioneller Sprecher am Mikrofon

MARIO WOLF | voice with character - for your message


You are looking for a flexible and pleasant voice? You are in need of new a new focus in your project?

ads. trailer. documentary. image. voice-over. radio play.

Let us put your project to success, together. From my studio in Denmark or in the studio of your choice.

honest. dynamic. exciting. pleasant.

My work will be professional. transparent. with fun. quick.

Besides accent free services and due to the fact that I am born and grown up in Hamburg, I am able to provide original Northern German accent.

With my high school diploma from the US I am able to provide english recordings if required and I can make sure that I understand what I read or hear.

Mario Wolf | professionell voice actor


TRAILER - Kronjuwelen

Umsetzung: und ich


Umsetzung: und ich

WERBUNG - Bio Honig | Denis Bergemann und Team

IMAGE - bei max | Hotel im Pitztal

Umsetzung: Leander Rambichler-Praxmarer

WERBUNG / IMAGE - E-CityCar-Sharing

Umsetzung: und ich

TRAILER - Miami Glam

Umsetzung: und ich

IMAGE - Riff Schokoriegel


IMAGE - Chroma Looks | Denis Bergemann und Team




My studio serves us with all the freedom we need for our work as it is equipped with professional gear and connected tot he world via fibre optics. If required we can have a live-session together, either for directing or an immediate recording in the studio where you sit. The service we are going to use will be your preference.


If requested and agreed upon, the tracks can be cleaned and mastered to the loudness level as per your request. The technical specification will be delivered by you.


The files will be provided in the format of your need.


We discuss your needs together and convert them into a voice over product that enables you to reach your success by 100%.


  • MICROPHONE: Lewitt LCT 540 S for the clearest possible recording without any noise
  • INTERFACE: SSL 12 for the sounds of legends - shining like new.
  • DAW: Cubase Pro + Nuendo for pros
  • HEADPHONE: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO for a clean recording without disturbance
  • MONITORS: JBL for a clean and powerful sound


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    After my studies of media technologies I first got stuck in front of Avid Media Composer for 12 years. Besides rocking in a cover band as singer and guitar player I started acting on-stage and producing radio plays. I immediately fell in love with narrating in the studio and in front of the mic and started building and improving my voice skills. My personal favours are ads as I have to be up to 100% full speed immediately and for a short time, but I love other disciplines, too.

    Mario Wolf | Professioneller Sprecher am Mikrofon